Divi Internal 500 Server Error

Divi Internal 500 Server Error We have noticed on some Divi sites running version 3.037 and latest 3.038 that there is an Internal Server 500 error on the admin section of the website. Normal troubleshooting regarding plugins, httacess and core files is not working in...

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Divi Slider An Alternative Solution

Divi is great, however the Divi Slider that comes with Divi often falls short of what you want to achieve on your site. There is in the wider Divi community a number of tips and code snippets available, however for some Divi website owners these can be difficult to...

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SSL On Divi No Padlock Front End?

We where recently converting this site to SSL with Cloudflare. Not to difficult a task, or so we thought. Everything was working fine, but we noticed we could not get the green padlock on the front end (fine on back end). Checking the code showed it was the logo being...

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Changing Divi Footer Text

Changing the Divi Footer   One of the most common questions people ask about Divi is how to change the copyright information in the footer. It links to Elegant Themes which isn't great if you are running a business website. It can be done by a plugin however it...

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